5 Step Plan

I have come up with a 5 step plan to help people be born again in Christ. This is simply how I became awakened and is not any special plan as the power comes from God and Christ, the goal is simply for me to point you in the right direction.


When we are born into this world we are born in the image of God however as we grow older the world labels us and depending on our parents/society we become embroiled in the psychological ego mind. We lose our spiritual identity and become identified with a religion, atheism, family, nation and culture etc. My goal is to get you to understand these are all psyhcological traps and have disconnected you from your true self. I want you to drop all your beliefs and have an open mind, even if you are a Christian chances are you are not truly born again as being a worldy Christian is also a psychological trap. We must be born again followers of Christ, this is a spiritual realisation/discovery rather than psychological. Man fell in the garden by seeking knowldge but Christ came to return us to the spirit, die for our sins and return us to the father. If you are an atheist this may seem far fetched but if you follow all the steps with an open and sincere heart this will likely become a living reality for you and the greatest gift you will receive in your lifetime. 

2. Meditation

Start with meditating daily. Sitting still and in silence allows us to slow down our thoughts and get in touch with the awareness within us which is our spirit and true self. We see that we are more than just our mind and body. Ideally you sit in silence and focus your mind on your breathe or clasp you hands together in a prayer position and focus on your fingers touching, whenever a thought appears as they will continually do just return your thoughts to your breathe or hands. Dont worry if thoughts keep popping up, it is like spinning a wheel, gradually the thoughts will slow down and after a while you will gain tremedous peace even if just for a second or so. At first it can be helpful to use a guided meditation, i may provide my own but see below for a good video i have found. Ideally practice daily first thing.


3. Fast and prayer.

Fasting and praying is the best way to make spiritual breakthroughs. As with meditation fasting moves us away from the flesh and toward the spirit. There's a reason Jesus fasted for 40 days before he started his ministry and everyone tradition incorporates fasting in some way. You can start with a simple 24 hour water fast though if you have any health issues or on medication seek your doctors advice. You can also fast from other things instead such as social media, sex, alcohol, coffee etc. 

Whilst meditation allows God and the holy spirit to enter us, prayer is our way to communicate with God. We don't pray for material things or worldy desires but that his kingdom come. Our needs will be met as the saying goes 'seek the kingdom of heaven and all will be added'. The greatest example of prayer and how Jesus taught to pray is the Lords prayer.

4. Holy Trinity and word of God

I cannot claim to be an expert in this matter however when you wake up and are born again in Christ you have a relationship with your spiritual family. God is your spiritual father and you were made in his image (a spirit not flesh). Your older brother is Jesus and the holy spirit is what you receive when born again and helps us through life. 

The bible is the word of God and written by his servants with the help of the Holy Spirit. I gew up an atheist and the bible seemed a fairytale to me, however once i awakened it took on new life as the holy spirit revealed the meaning to me. Many of the stories and parables have spiritual meaning that the intellectual mind cannot necessarily understand. What frequently happens to me is I may be confused about something in life and I feel the Holy Spirit will reveal to me the answer, then the bible will confirm the revelation when i look up passages on the subject. 

5. Signs you are Born Again.

1. You will know God rather than have a belief or disbelief.

2. You will accept Jesus as Lord and know his true power.

3. Bible verses, stories and parables now make complete sense.

4. Fear of death disappears.

5. Love of God will replace love of the world.

6. Lifestyle wil start to change, drop bad/sinful habits.

7. Relationships may change as family/friends notice changes in you.

8. You realise the world is a matrix and you had been conditioned your whole life.

9. You will start to know true love which comes from God rather than worldy love.

10. Feel the need to share the true gospel.

11. Become aware of Satans kingdom and how it runs the world.

12. Know that the only hope for our world is the return of Jesus Christ.

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